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The first time a boy felt your pussy, did he put his finger ...

4. The first time you had sex, how old were you? I was 6 and she was 6. Her older sister (10) convinced us and showed us what to do. 5. The first time you sucked a boys dick, how old were you? 12 he was 10.

First time you saw a guy cum? - GirlsAskGuys

I was 7 and took a shower with my step brother who was 14. I started playing around you know slapping his ball bag and he got real hard. At first he tried to hide it but I turned him around and grabbed it. I told him that I wanted to check it out and I washed it all with soap. He started moving funny then it shot all over my stomach.

13 year old sister begged me not to tell my mum she gave a bj?

13 year old sister begged me not to tell my mum she gave a bj? I've been home for few weeks as it's the summers holidays, I've spent loads of time with family but have barely seen my little sister, mum says she's always out with her friends and her new boyfriend. Me and her had a movie night 3 days ago and all of a sudden she starts crying, I ...

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Berlyn Toy has a lot of energy. Its like somebody put a battery in her back and flipped the on switch. She hops around in fishnets and kitty ears as she strips down, showing us her cute petite titties and bouncy black ass. As soon as she gets naked, she starts yelling that she is ready to fuck right now. Who could deny this cutie?

Playing "just the tip" in bed? - GirlsAskGuys

and its not s if it can just slip in. or a virgin just the tip vs the whole thing is a BIG painful difference. it would have to be done intentionally and against someones will. unless you both decided to go all the way, but I think if a woman wanted sex, there'd be no reason to suggest just the tip. so its unlikely a woman would suggest just ...

I touched my aunt and she didn't care? - GirlsAskGuys

Dude, don't be a jerk. And don't harass women just because they don't say "get the fuck off, perv." Maybe she's shy and hates talking about sex, and maybe she freezes when she gets unwanted sexual attention. Maybe you just made her day HELL because you kept doing this and she didn't feel like she could do anything. Maybe she enjoyed it.

Blindfold sex party? - GirlsAskGuys

Blindfold sex party? So you go to a party, there are a lot of people and they line up 5 girls who have masks on, you decide to participate. The 5 girls have their ass in the air doggy style and the game is who ever cums first gets $10,000. You can do whatever you want to cum fastest to win. Anyway the game is over, the girls reveal their faces ...

My doctor made me come! was she supposed to do that ...

She must have been in her early 30s, average in looks but pretty cuz of the blonde hair and eyes. I was so embarrassed when I had to pull my trousers off. I had a rock solid boner! I was apologizing to her every second. She then asked me to leave the pants on the floor and socks off to direct me to the paper bed.

Girls, what does it feel like to have a guys penis inside you ...

Soo when the guy first goes into me, it's basically him pushing through the muscles just inside, which definitely feels powerful... And as soon as he's completely there, it's like this overwhelmingly warm sensation and if he's super hard, the rubbing sensation of his penis inside me is *crazy* good.

Cum in your butt... like or dislike? - GirlsAskGuys

Xper 4. +1 y. It feels GREAT to shoot a load inside some woman's butt-hole, but there are serious issues: Various bacteria can create infections for either party and there is the risk of anal fissures for the recipient from the anal walls tearing. Butt-fucking is a wild, off -the-hook thing to do for sure.