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Vaginal Dilators | Intimate Rose

By practicing using vaginal dilators in different positions such as laying on your back, hands and knees, during deep squat exercises, and lying on your side, your organs shift around the canal and the device and allow for gentle mobilization of the tissue. Patients can also compress the dilators gently into the walls of the vagina.

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Inserting dilators should not hurt, although it may be uncomfortable or feel “weird,” as some patients like to tell us. It may just be that you feel some stretching or pulling, but ultimately if you keep it in place for a few minutes and relax around it, the muscles should soften and give in and there should be no significant pain.

Intimate Basics Dilator Set — DrLauraBerman

Dilator Set™ includes vibrating dilator which may be used independently plus 3 graduated interchangeable, interlocking dilator sleeves and a soft, Silicone sleeve. Unique interlocking system secures your dilator to the sleeves. Stack the sleeves to the desired size. For extra comfort and versatility, slip on the Silicone sleeve.

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Dilators are usually much smaller and designed to help "work your way up". It's like the difference between a penis and a pap smear. You get penetrated by both, but for different reasons.

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The Dilator Set from the Berman Center line is a thoughtfully designed tool meant to help train and exercise the vaginal walls and muscles to help ease discomfort and increase pleasure during sex and penetration. 4 sizes of sleeve interlock over a standard, 3 1/4 inch dilator so you can start off that the smallest, and work your way up at your own pace.

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5% coupon applied at checkout. Save 5% with coupon. FREE Shipping by Amazon. In stock soon. Intimate Rose Large 4-Pack Silicone Dilators for Women & Men, Sizes 5-8 - Dilator Set to Help with Vaginismus, Atrophy, Vulvodynia, Dyspareunia, Therapy After Radiation. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 234. $119.99.

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Their silicone dilators come in 8 sizes ranging from their smallest (2.5 inches long x 0.5 inch diameter) to their largest size (6 inches long x 1 ⅝ inch diameter). These dilators have been promoted in the pelvic floor coursework we take as women’s health physical therapists and we have been recommending them to our patients for years.

VuVa™ Magnetic Vaginal Dilator Sets – Vuvatech

VuVa™ Dilators are the only patented dilators available with Neodymium magnets. Medical conditions that may warrant the use of vaginal dilators include, vulvodynia, vaginismus, vaginal agenesis, menopause, vaginal atrophy, vulvar vestibulitis, and vaginal stenosis. Vaginal dilators are also needed after pelvic radiation therapy.

Milli: Vaginal Trainer with Incremental Sizing

Milli is a vaginal trainer using millimeter-by-millimeter incremental sizing up to 25mm and tracks your progress with a digital readout. Single insertion. 1-millimeter increments. Track progress. Add to Cart. “My husband and I were not able to have intercourse after being married for 7 years. It was very hard, we made it work other ways but ...

How to Safely Stretch Your Anus: 31 Tips, Techniques, and More

Dilator. Anal dilators, also called rectal dilators, are medical devices used to widen the rectum after anorectal surgery to help make passing stool easier.