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Petroleum Jelly: Is It Safe to Use as a Lubricant?

Using petroleum jelly will increase the possibility of bacterial vaginosis linked to pelvic inflammatory disease, which is why women are advised to use a lubrication other than petroleum jelly. It is incompatible with many common sex toys.

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Elastomer is compatible with either silicone or water-based lubes but NOT OILS (including no petroleum jelly or plant or coconut oils). Never store elastomer products adjacent to latex or vinyl (toys or containers); they will adhere to each other.

Cyberskin, Jelly, Plastic Sex Toys & Lubricant Choices

Jelly / Elastomer Sex Toys Using a silicone lubricant on a jelly sex toy makes melting happen because they are made of materials that have additives to make them soft. That is why it best to stick with waterbased lubricants for these types of sex toys.

Vaseline as a sexual lubricant: Is it safe to use?

Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, is an oil based ointment that people can use to moisturize and soften dry skin. Although Vaseline may work as a sexual lubricant, it can damage latex condoms and ...

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They're recommended for anal sex with a trusted, tested partner, or for use with non-latex anal toys. We don't suggest it for use with vibrators as it can gunk up the control pad, rendering the toy useless. Oil-based lubricants erode latex, jelly and rubber toys as well (silicone and hard-shelled plastic are okay).

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Intriguingly, sex toy-related injuries appear to be rising. Rates were declining 1995-1999 but have been steadily and dramatically increasing since 2000. Researchers believe this may be because sex toy use has also risen during this period, as toys have become more easily accessible online, so with higher use comes a greater number of injuries[11].

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The type of lube used on the sex toy should vary by the toy material. First, lube types and the shorthand used in this list: Water = water based. Usually glycerin or plant extracts suspended in water. This is safe on most toys, safe for internal usage, and a good personal “default” lube. Ex: KY jelly, astroglide. Oil = oil based. Assorted ...

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Jelly rubber, TPU, low grade metals, all petroleum-based plastics, PVC, and anything containing phthalates should be avoided. However, platinum cured silicone, stainless steel, wood (if correctly treated) and some non-porous plastics like ABS can be considered safe.

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Jelly rubber toys are made of soft, porous material that cannot be disinfected. Jelly rubber is usually a translucent, soft, and flexible substance that might looks like it contains air bubbles. Latex or latex like materials are sometimes an ingredient. Some people are allergic or sensitive to latex.