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10 Strange Cases Involving Dildos. You will probably be surprised to learn that dildos have existed in some form throughout all of history. Archaeologists have even unearthed a 28,000-year-old stone penis that very possibly was used as a sex toy. [1] Today, dildos come in all sizes and shapes and can be found in a very large volume.

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House Bill 2613, which was later dubbed the “dildo bill,” would have made the commercial sale of “obscene devices,” such as dildos, a felony.

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Up until 2008, this was actually true. Under Section 43.21 of the Texas Penal Code, first passed by the Legislature in the 1970s, it was illegal to sell “obscene devices” — or any device “including a dildo or artificial vagina, designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs.”

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A Texas statute known as the Obscene Device Law declares it a crime to possess “six or more obscene devices or identical or similar obscene articles.” These infernal devices include dildos.

In Texas, even possession of a sex toy is regulated

1 of 36 Texas has some unusual laws on the books, but maybe none quite so strange as this: It is illegal to possess or promote the use of six or more dildos in the state. The sex toy law was first...

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Texas bans owning or promoting the use of more than six dildos. Approved in the 1970s, the law bans as obscene any device used "primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs".

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* In Texas, it is against the law to sell your eye or other organs. I don’t even want to know how this law came into being. It sounds rather gross. * Owning more than six dildos is illegal in Texas and a person with more than that can be charged with a felony.

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What you'll find below are some of the more believably unbelievable ones, many courtesy of dumblaws.com, the ultimate collection of silly laws. Alabama Bear wrestling matches are prohibited. dumblaws.com Alaska Moose may not be viewed from an airplane. dumblaws.com Arizona It is illegal to promote the use of or own more than 6 dildos. idiotlaws ...

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OREGON Dumb State Laws It is illegal to whisper “dirty” things in your lover’s ear during sex. It is illegal to place a container filled with human fecal matter on the side of any highway.

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We have laws to maintain order in America, and most make sense, but there are some strange laws that just seem downright bizarre. Most of these are decency laws that were passed during a bygone era.